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^ Prydz K, Dalen KT (January 2000). Structure[edit]. "Synthesis and sorting of proteoglycans". ^ a b c d Day KJ, Staehelin LA, Glick BS (2013). Histochem Cell Biol .


Cargo from the ER move between these two domains, and randomly exit from any level of the Golgi to their final location. For example, the Golgi apparatus adds a mannose-6-phosphate label to proteins destined for lysosomes. Pt 2: 193205. This model does not apply well for plants, algae, and fungi in which individual Golgi stacks are observed (transfer of domains between stacks is not likely). Molecular Biology of the Cell. The TGN is the final cisternal structure, from which proteins are packaged into vesicles destined to lysosomes, secretory vesicles, or the cell surface. In this respect, the Golgi can be thought of as similar to a post office: it packages and labels items which it then sends to different parts of the cell or to the extracellular space. Additionally, megavesicles are not established to be intra-Golgi transporters.[13] .


The vesicles that leave the rough endoplasmic reticulum are transported to the cis face of the Golgi apparatus, where they fuse with the Golgi membrane and empty their contents into the lumen. "Passage through the Golgi.". In mammals, a single Golgi apparatus complex is usually located near the cell nucleus, close to the centrosome. Protein modifications may form a signal sequence that determines the final destination of the protein. ISBN3-211-76309-0.[pageneeded] ^ a b c d Fabene PF, Bentivoglio M (1998). bd40bc7c7a

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