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Bhaja Govindam Commentary Pdf Download


Original text in Sanskrit[edit]. ig. Text 27 kmam krodham lobham moham tyaktv'tmnam bhvaya ko'ham tmajna vih+n mkd#hh# te pacyante narakanigkd#hh# 27 Give up lust, anger, infatuation, and greed. gl. *6M>M5$? 0M0 &G9G 5>0M$> K=*? ( *CM$? G9G . In Sanskrit the grammatical jugglery is a great puzzle, there are many words which can be changed into different meanings by grammatical root derivations and affixing and prefixing pratyayas. *A(0*? (( *A(0*? .0# *A(0*? (( 0G 6/(.M . G/ $> (>. Get into that boat of satsangha (knowledge of the Truth) quickly. The metre is moraic ().


/>$? = goes; C9$M5> = holding the; M! = stick(walking); $&*? = then even; ( = not; .AM$? = lets go/releases/gives up; 6>*?#M! = AshA+pindaM, desire+lump(piNDaM also means rice-ball . ho. = 33 - = worship; K5?(M& = lord Govinda; .B".$G = Oh foolish mind!; (>.8M.0#>$M = (exceept) through/from rememberance of the lord's name; (M/ = other; *>/ = plan/method/means; (9? = not; *6M/>. gi. Significance[edit].


External links[edit]. gn. The doctor's knife cruely removes the tumor with much pain, but removing the tumor ultimately restores good health in the patient. Text 2 mkd#ha jah+hi dhangamatr#s#n#m kuru sadbuddhim manasi vitr#s#n#m yallabhase nijakarmopttam vittam tena vinodaya cittam 2 Oh fool! Give up your thirst to amass wealth, devote your mind to thoughts to the Real. Unfortunately, his confused followers are unable to grasp the esoteric import of this philosophy and in the process they are denigrating his good reputation by ascribing an incorrect interpretation to his statements. hg. When that wisdom (vignyana) is integrated with life and issues out in action, it becomes devotion (bhakti). He heard an old scholar studying the grammatical rules of sanskrit by Panini. e913ce18fc

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